Monday, March 21, 2022

RFL Home And Garden Events End


The events at the Relay For Life's Home and Garden Expo ended at 8PM Sunday night, March 20, with a fireworks show over the main stage in Hope 1. For over three weeks, the stage had seen many performers on stage, with other sims hosting auctions, discussions, contests, and of course shopping. 

Earlier at 4PM was the last of the Lantern Ceremonies, in honor of those lost in the battle with cancer. 

In the ceremonies, numerous paper lanterns floated to the sky (picture from Cynthia Farshore). 

Store (and media) owners were told, "We officially close at 11.59pm tonight. However the regions often remain for a couple days after official closing.  So if you want to leave things in place until the regions evaporate feel free to do so, but remember to take any no copy items from your display ASAP please."

And for those taking part, there was this little gift.

We are honored to have been involved with so many kind and generous people. Expo has, as always, been a wonderful experience and the beginning of many new friendships.  

Through all the hard work, dedication and generosity, you have all made this event so very special,  meaningful and a true example of what can be achieved through Second Life.

So from us all once again, thank you for all your efforts.

While the sims should be up for a couple more days for further shopping, the RFL Home & Garden Expo is over. But the Relay season goes on. The various Relay teams are having their events. And a month from now, the Fantasy Faire begins on Thursday April 21.

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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