Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Reader Submitted: Forbiden Topic, or Not?


On Sunday, I started a thread, about Putin, and the invasion  of Ukraine. The thread got removed.  So I filed a ticket. Here is the ticket, and the reply.

 On Sunday, I started a thread, and it was closed. I titled the thread "Is Putin insane?' I posted the thread in the general area. There was no trolling in the thread. It was about Putin, and about him calling up nuclear forces.
I see lots of topics that are not about SL. Here are a couple.
What makes you laugh?
What music are you listening to?
Does LL allow topics that are about current events. Like the war going on in Ukraine? I did ask in my post, if there was anybody in the Ukraine, that could still play SL. I know that they do have internet, but I don't know at what speed right now.
It would be great if LL were to  put in a mention, on the SL blog, about the war going on in Ukraine.
One more point. Does LL still collect taxes from players that live in Russia? If so, I suggest that you hold those taxes, until the war is over.
Volo Linden
said 1 day ago
Hello Frankie Antonioni,

Thank you for contacting Second Life, and for your patience. We appreciate you reaching out to seek additional clarification regarding your forum post. While we often allow off-topic posts on the forums, we have the responsibility to ensure that the forums are a welcome place for all of our Residents in Second Life. In our experience, threads of a political matter often escalate in nature, and we made the decision to intervene before it got to that point. As the original post was closed, I would advise against posting another of a similar nature.

In regards to your feedback about a blog and taxes, this isn't something that Support decides, but we appreciate you taking the time to express your concerns. I'll be passing your feedback along to my supervisor as well.

If there's anything further we could do to assist you, please let us know.

Kind Regards,

Volo Linden
Account Specialist
Linden Lab
Yesterday LL made an announcement, regarding Russia invading Ukraine.This was just a few hours after Volo replied to me.

Frankie Antonioni

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