Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Announcement: March 31 Campaign


Hi everyone,

I am launching a campaign to get 31,000 Russian troops to cross the border into neighboring countries, such as Poland or Turkey. The idea is to incentive them to drop their arms and walk to safety.

The name of the project is March 31. This means that, until the date of March 31, the troops from Russia that walk over peacefully will be given a gaming console (Playstation, XBox, Nintendo Switch)  each. So, on top of normal donation, we will somehow finance 31,000 consoles ready to give out. We will harness the power of the free Internet.

Our united clubs will work with all our guests to set social media ablaze with 'MARCH31' sayings and logos and calls for MARCH31. With these consoles, we will also give them food, drinks and perhaps some beer and friendly attention.

These soldiers are mostly 16-30 and do not want to be killed for Putin. Let's help them.

Please, reach me and add me if you want to be part of his historic effort.

Misticia Moonwall

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