Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Mystery Colored SSP Sims On Map


On the map, there's a group of sims, some unnamed, the majority labeled SSP, on the map, far north of the mainlands.  

The sims are not in a single group, but in four clumps, colored purple, green, black, and red. 

It's possible these siims will eventually be part of some expansion of the Bellisseria area, but their planned function is unknown.

So what is SSP short for? In one town hall meeting with residents, one Linden commented that it stood for "super secret project."

Stay tuned for more information.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. The moles use the colors to "mark" project-states (you see with Sim-wide squares on the already-in-use Linden Homes) ... and a full cover "hides" also what happening below it.

    I would guess, it's some preparation for the next-new-Linden-Homes ("purple") ...
    ... and expansion of existing areas ("black", "red") ...
    ... and maybe some replacement or upgrade of parts of existing areas ("green").

    But it's just a guess.

  2. *The red regions is the next Linden Home theme (likely Asian).
    *The black regions are the Newbrooke homes.
    *The green regions are fantasy homes I believe.