Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Linden Lab Announces Second Life Community Pages


In the Linden blog on Tuesday March 1, Linden Lab announced they were adding a new feature to the Second Life webside: Community Pages.

We’ve begun building in-depth community pages that will live directly on the Second Life website. Each of these pages will celebrate Residents in all different communities, and showcase the meaningful experiences that strengthen the social fabric of Second Life. This will include stories, quotes, photos, videos, and more — all directly from Second Life Residents.

The Lab is asking for input from the residents, "These pages will be extensive resources by and for each community." Residents are asked to keep an eye out for announcements on the pages, saying there will be a Google doc form to fill out. Anticipating a large volume of input, they cannot guarantee all content will be published.

One community page is already up: Black Culture in Second Life.

While it's not official yet, a reliable source informed the Newser there will be a Furry community page.

Second Life should be an inclusive haven of self-expression, and we feel it’s important to highlight every community. We look forward to sharing more community pages as we publish them.

To read the blog post in full: Click Here.

Image Credit: ZoeyNova Oatsmill

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