Thursday, March 3, 2022

RFL Announcement: Leprechaun Trap Contest!

This contest is based on the book How to Catch a Leprechaun (

Can you build the best leprechaun trap in SL?
Can it REALLY catch a tricky leprechaun so he'll give you a pot of gold?

The Dream Team is challenging you as teams or individuals to create the perfect leprechaun trap to catch our mischievous leprechaun and win his pot of gold for their RFL team or team of choice if not affiliated with a team.

There will be two categories in the individual and team competitions. They are working and non-working traps. A working trap is one that if you push a button or touch it, things actually move and the trap will close. A non-working trap is one that is set up but doesn't actually work, however, you can see what the process would be.


1. All traps must fit on a 7.5m X 10m platform. There is no restriction on height.

2. End piece of trap must fit over a pot that will be given to you at the contest. The pot will be approximately 1.25m X 1.25m X 1m.

3. If you are going to have steps in your trap, there should be no more than 7.

4. You must register as either an individual or team and working or non-working before 3/15/22 at

5. Pay 500L to the kiosk the day of the event as a participation fee.

How to Win:

1. Voting will take place during the day by linden collection into dual kiosks for your team and Dream Team.

2. The highest kiosk totals in:
    Individual Non-Working
    Individual Working
    Team Non-Working
    Team Working
    will receive 2500L towards their team totals!

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