Monday, March 7, 2022

New Linden Homes Now Available


A few days ago on Thursday March 3, the latest style of Linden Home, the modern-looking Newbrooke, was declared open for residents to get. Patch Linden announced the news in a thread the forums late in the day.

Today, we are pleased to release our latest Linden Home theme, Newbrooke!

 Our concept of a modern container home community is stylish, warm, and inviting, while being nestled in a contemporary setting of rolling hills peppered with small lakes, ponds, and public pools.

All of the Newbrooke regions are offered in both 1024sqm and 512sqm sized parcels.   In total, there are 8 stylish house models to choose from, and the smaller 512sqm parcel homes can also be placed on a 1024sqm parcel, giving you a larger outdoor area.

As always, there is a theme-specific content pack available from the house controller, enabling you to match the style and theme with any modifications you wish to do. (Please refer to the covenant rules).

Also for this theme we have a brand new community region, “Newbank,“ for residents to enjoy and hang out with their neighbors.

We hope everyone enjoys the latest additions to the Belliseria continent and community!

The Newbrooke sims, are in a group numbering forty-eight, connected to the Chalet Bellisseria area by a single sim (Josie Banks). Like some other Bellisserian sims, they often have amusing names such as Seldome Scene, Two Wrights, Tickled Pink, Sheep Date, and others. One can walk down the streets, or drive a car that can be dropped onto various vehicle rezz spots. Already, many have been claimed and the new owners decorating. But there are also many just walking around and exploring around. Of the roads, there are bridges, both over water and over other roads. For more on the Newbrooke homes themselves, check out our article on the eight styles (here).

And like the past couple groups of Linden Home sims, there is a community center. It is located in the sim of Newbank. The center is on an island in the middle of the sim conencted to land by three bridges. The style of the place did remind me a little of the new Welcome Island that went up last year. But the various food courts were a nice touch.

The community center is at

Bixyl Shuftan

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