Thursday, March 10, 2022

"The Guild" Shopping Event "Atlantis" Is Open


The twice a year shopping event "The Guild" is once again taking place. Until Thursday March 31st at Midnight, the area and it's stalls will be open. This spring, the theme is "Atlantis." 

The doors are now OPEN to the city of Atlantis! Tons of exciting aquatics and undersea products for your enjoyment! It lasts all month and don't forget our Halftime special on the 13th where NEW products as well as the hunt will begin! So who's ready to go deep-sea diving? Get your snorkels ready because Atlantis awaits~

There are many avatars and accessories up for sale. Most are aquatic in theme to go along with the event, such as merfolk and sharklike furry avatars.

 With all the talk about supporting Ukrainian residents, one of the shopping areas, Web Dew with it's jellyfish umbrellas and matching outfits, is owned by an Ukrainian, "I really appreciate your support from around the world. 

The event used to be called "The Gacha Guild." But in August of last year, Linden Lab banned the use of gacha machines

For more information, check the website at:

Addition: As mentioned, on Sunday March 13, the event's Halftime Hunt begins, allowing the chance to pick up some prizes.  

Bixyl Shuftan

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