Monday, June 13, 2011

A Loss: Feathers Boa's Going Away Party

It is a sad day in Second Life for those who love the exquisite art of Feathers Boa. There was a going away party today at her gallery in Esterhal. Feathers is one of the most proficient artists in interactive art in SL. Her pieces are stunning and and many of them have deep personal meaning from her life. She is retiring from SL art and will be mostly inactive for a while.

Beladona Memorial said to her “You have had a unique voice here ... and utilized the interactive qualities of SL to create art that was not possible elsewhere. Thank you for being here.” and Feathers wish to all, “ I hope my heart comes through.” Some of her work is in a few galleries in SL and will remain.

Feathers real life has become very busy with a move to the west coast and a new job in graphics, and she must concentrate on those for now. It is my sincere hope that in a year or so perhaps she will have a show in Retrospect. For the time being if you know her art and want to experience its dimensions again, or, if you have never had that pleasure, this show will be in Feathers Bay Gallery in Esterhal until June 29.

Don't miss it! Her pieces are all on sale for that time.

We love you Feathers.

Esterhal (215, 211, 790)

Gemma Cleanslate

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