Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boho Hobo

What a surprise! I received a landmark for a store that I did not know existed. You may remember last year I wrote an article about the fantastic interactive Afghanistan Museum. Well, the creator of this magnificent museum in Second Life, Trill Zapatero, has a shop, Boho Hobo, which has delightful clothes with some Afghan influence but also very hip for sale in SL . Every penny of the purchase goes to support the building of schools for children in Afghanastan.

I went to visit and bought several outfits , really cute skirts, tops, jeans and caps. When you land there you can pick up a catalog outside the entrance that will give you an idea of what is inside and you can pass it along to friends you know may be interested in the cause of educating young women in that country. I plan to pass this along to friends. If you take a walk next door you will find another store owned by Rudy Fehr where you can find some sharp looking casual outfits for men and all the proceeds here go to the same cause.

Take a trip over there and contribute to the cause and also get a cute new outfit! And if you have not been to that Museum yet take that trip also. You will find the landmark for the Museum inside the shop.

Here is the SLurl for the store:

Gemma Cleanslate

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