Sunday, June 5, 2011

What a Party

On Saturday at Noon, we had the first part of our anniversary event at Cova's Cove in Bamboo. We took a few minutes to get ready for the party. I worked on the prize-giver while Cova set up some decor.

And before long, the party was up and running.

A little dance between me and the amiga whom gladly provided the beach for our party.

Shellie and "10" do the "two-step."

It was a great time held by all, with friends old and new dropping in.

Like the newspaper, a couple girls were black and white and "read."

Some at the party had more fun than others. ;-)

And of course, we had a number of well-wishers, congratulating us for the work we've done over the year. Thank you all.

Great party, but not the end. On Sunday, we have the second half of our celebration at The Lighttower. More music, more prizes, and more fun.

See you there.

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