Thursday, June 16, 2011

Coming Events: SL8B and Burn2

All of a sudden, I feel like I am caught in a time warp.

I am a greeter for the SL8B. That begins as you know on June 25. Building is underway, performers preparing, stage managers ready, greeters meeting , and the electricity is in every step. I spent some time in a machinima changing avatars and spinning on an avatar wheel. It was great fun and you will be able to view it soon.

In the midst of this, I had a notice to come to a meeting for Burn2, 2011! Wow.. I thought that was a long way off. Well, it is not until October, however work is beginning. Emcee Widget filled everyone in on the plans for this year's Burn2 Rites of Passage. It will be held October 1 through 9. There will be 8 sims to begin. However there is a plan this year to ask for “donation” of sims for 90 days. They will be moved to the 8 sims and then returned to the donors.

There are hopes that donations will also help provide more sims even up to 18. They will also taking donations for sims that will be purchased for 2000L. If you donate to he purchase of a sim it will be done in increments so that if the 2000L is not reached your donation amount will be returned to you . That means there can be more creative plots available to those who wish to participate. The information tent is open on Deep Hole so you can visit: Burning Man- Deep Hole (241, 89, 24).

Plots are ready for purchase or, for 100L you can enter a lottery for a plot. Right now is the time to look at the volunteer positions that are open . There are many fun jobs you can do . Here is a list of volunteer positions you can read about and on the page you will find a link to the application:

There will be more information coming as the build time starting in August approaches and I will keep you apprised. It is early yet but time passes so quickly in Second Life!

Burn On!!

Gemma Cleanslate

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