Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ZZ Studios Officially Becomes Age-Verified

Second Life Newser was recently in contact with one of the managers of ZZ Studios, an exotic adult-themed media company and social hangout, whose owner we interviewed in April. As of Monday June 20th, “the studio is going Age Verified officially.” The parcel the place is on will be for all effective purposes Adult-ranked.

ZZ Studios was moved to Falcon Valley before Second Life had an Adult rating for it’s sims. Even though the nature of the media sold was clearly adult, the company and club were never asked to move when the new rating was established. When Linden Lab merged the Teen Grid with the Main Grid, that did create some worries about minors possibly slipping in. Officially, the decision is because of the “very adult” subject matter of the studio, but worries about the teens were another reason.

The Falcon Valley sim is still ranked as “Mature.” What has changed is ZZ Studio's parcel itself will require those wanting in to be age-verified. Any group members who didn’t bother to get verified or refused to for privacy reasons will be blocked from entering.

Bixyl Shuftan

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