Sunday, June 26, 2011

"The Lost Gardens of Apollo" Fades Away Today

Earlier this month, the "Crooked House" was facing the end, but thankfully got a reprieve. Unfortunetly, it wasn't the only place in trouble. Two other sims are set to fade away. One is the Mioan Empire, set to end July 6. The other is the Lost Gardens of Apollo, set to disappear today.

Stopping by the Apollo sim, I was surrounded by beauty. There was lush vegetation all around, and birds would occasionally fly overhead or nearby. Further away were some cuddle spots for couples, and small pools one could float in or sun themselves on the sides. A few towers stood high above the island. The place could only be described as an Eden.

I ran into the manager Samlowry Hawks. He was heartbroken by the impending end, and encouraged me and other visitors to take one last look at the sim before it vanishes. He had made this machinima in a hurry, then uploaded it as a tribute to the place and what it stood for.

"Dane Zander, Sean Hadlee, Flix Zeppelin and your servant, Samlowry Hawks, are sad to announce to you the end of the sim 'The Lost gardens of Apollo.' This early place of Second Life (2005) was known for the quality of its surrounding and the good taste of its relationships. As part of Second Life history, many veterans began their special moments in our virtual world by visiting its ballroom reserved to men and women of wealth and taste. Many love stories passed through this dance floor. It's tai chi place was well known and appreciated as far as groups were created just for this parcel of the sim."

"This machinima is a filmed memory for next generation of residents to remind them this incontrovertible place, part of the phenomenon of Second Life in the years 2006 and 2007. To all the past visitors, thank you for your kindness, your kind messages I received since the news was official. To you all, you will all miss us and as "the Lost Gardens of Apollo" cultivated some kind of way to see virtuality, we, all the team, hope you will spread the spirit of the Gardens we worked so hard to defend in there all around the metaverse."

"Thank you so much for all these years of happiness and discovery. So long dear companions. Rest in peace, 'The lost gardens of Apollo.' "

If it's still around, check out the Apollo sim before it vanishes.

"Please never forget this place. Thank you for your kind visit. Just note this was not just a VIP place. It was created to be what Second Life must have: a haven. This Eden will pass. Please keep in your mind that a silly man dreamed enough to make an island to be just right."

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. Thank you so much for your kind post: it makes me to think that the gardens are not totally dead...
    Kiss you all
    With great sadness
    Samlowry hawks estate manager of rip " the lost gardens of apollo"

  2. Hello Sam. I am heartbroken at the passing of Apollo. I do wish you the best for the future and thank for you all the enjoyment that Apollo provided me and many others. Max Icanadi.