Saturday, June 18, 2011

Relay for Life: "Bid Nydia Human"

This Sunday, the "Passionate Redheads" Relay for Life group will be hosting a "Bid me Human" event, with DJ "Naughty" Nydia Tungsten as the volunteer.

"That's right, for all those that would love to torture this little white vixen, here is your chance. Come bid me Human Sunday June 19th at 4 pm SL time. First week will cost you $5000 L's each day there after is 1K, so come see how long you can keep me human. This will be held at the H.M.A.S. Little Dove in the beautiful Southern Colorado sim. All proceeds go to Relay for life and the awesome work they do."

The event will be at the Southern Colorado sim, (110, 35, 105)


  1. Needs a 'Bid me Furry' event. :)

  2. Bixyl had his "Bid me Human" event and we raised 30,000 lindens - a month of being human! Lets see if we can top that tomorrow. :-)