Monday, February 13, 2012

"1000 Avatar" Artist Starts "Crowdfunder" to take Project to Real-Life/SL Art Show

Gracie Kendel (Kristine Schomaker in real life), the artist behind the 1000 Avatar Project last year, recently contacted Second Life Newser about an upcoming project. "I am taking the 1000+ Avatars project into real-life," she explained, "My first ever solo show is coming up May 5th in LA and Second Life simultaneously." The title of his art show and "virtual dinner party," "And One Man in His Time Plays Many Parts."

I have been very lucky and honored to be invited to create a solo show - an installation/performance at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles opening in May 2012. For my upcoming show, I will bring artists together from around the world, in one space in Los Angeles, using the World Wide Web. I will transform a 700 square foot gallery space into a 1920's dining room inspired by Gertrude Sten's salsons. Opening night will see a performance involving a dinner party between artists in Los Angeles and Second Life.

To help raise a few funds, Gracie started up a crowdfunder-style project on Indiegogo, the page explaining some details :

With your support, I will be able to transform the gallery space into a 1920's dining room. The walls will be lined with 70-100 avatar portraits in different sizes, printed to look antique and framed in vintage frames. The walls will be painted and aged to a 1920's style. I will be able to purchase a vintage dining room table and chairs, chandelier, rugs, and decorations. We will be able to rent costumes for the opening night performance. There will be dinner on the table that night, wine in the glasses, and great conversation. I will be able to hire a videographer and editor for the performance, as well as buy a projector that will project Second Life clearly onto the screen. I will also be able to pay virtual rent, costumes, video streaming, and a DJ for an extension of the real life gallery within Second Life. I am also going to he hiring an audio/video engineer to create a communication.teleconference system which will allow the real dinner party participants to converse easily with the Second Life party participants.

The page also included a Youtube video (made in November), in which she described her experiences in Second Life and with the 1000 Avatar project. She talked about how people were free to redefine and express their identities in Second Life.

Gracie estimated the total budget for the project to be in the range of $10,000. She is also applying for grants and using her personal savings and credit. As of Sunday evening on Feb 12th, $480 has been raised out of a goal of $2,200. The deadline for the indiegogo fundraiser is Saturday March 10th. To help fund her project, Click Here to go to her page.

For more on Gracie Kendal/Kristine Schomaker, read her 1000 Avatar Project site at and her "My Life as an Avatar" page at

Pictures from Netera Landar, 1000+ Avatars

Bixyl Shuftan

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