Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Island Update

There's been a few goings on at Book Island. For one, there's an art show going on.

"Micca Hedrick's iPad Art is still being displayed in the Pirate's Cove. This is its first week of being hung, and it will be there for a few weeks to come, hopefully. It is quite the display! It’s reckoned that forty to fifty people saw the show while the artist was attending the opening. Many more came afterward."

The exhibit is at Book Island, (217, 249, 21)

Five of the shop spaces were currently available earlier this week. To ask for one, contact Selina Greene.

There's also some transportation available arond the place, the Tourways (renamed from Segway), and a few bikes. The Tourway pictured here at the Pulitzer Plaza takes one to the Writers' Wave Venue. The bikes are slower, but take you most anywhere on the ground.

And of course, the weekly schedule of events, with something happening most every day. Either join the Book Island group to get weekly updates or check the Newser's "Events this Week" section.

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