Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update on Last Names

New World Notes recently had some new information about Linden Labs' plans to reintroduce last names to Second Life accounts. Rodvik Linden/Rod Humble made a post on his profile page about the issue.

Quick update on last names. Just fyi the team here has been working on solutions for this and it is taking longer than we thought. identity is important so we want the ability to have that wonderful shared experience the old last name system had but also not lose sight of the fact that many people really do not want a name given to them, they want freedom to define their identity, finally we want to consider adding meaningful things like titles etc that can be awarded by the community or some other methods. Anyway bit more complicated than initially thought but progress is being made. Will have a baked plan sometime in February we think.

Hours later, there were close to a hundred comments. Many had praise Rodvik for keeping up on the issue, "Thank you for the update." But others were wondering about what might go wrong, "Just to be clear: Whatever you do, it does NOT mean that old residents with last names will loose them, correct?"

Hamlet couldn't think of another recent peep from Rodvik, saying he had "a month long absence from social media." He also noted that the Linden blogs were quiet in the month of January. He did get the impression from "insiders" that there should be some important news soon.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. LL needs to consider making last names a vanity plate thing.

    Bring back the OLD name selection scheme.
    Allow anyone with Resident to get a FREE upgrade to any new first and last name they want, free of charge. Assuming the name isn't banned or already in use.
    Allow anyone to change their first and last name for 25$. Assuming the name isn't banned or already in use.

    The only issues this will have is that some scripts won't work and friends lists won't automatically change to reflect the name change. Tough. Let people know that if they change last names then some side effects will occur. LL can make some additional money off the "vanity plate" biz, just as the state makes millions selling vanity license plates. People can then pick a last name from the list of choices like in days of old while also having the ability to pick ANY name they want whenever they want.

    And actually, disappearing off friends lists is something SOME people would like. If you leave a group but don't want to lose all your inventory, you'd just change your name and start over with all your stuff still on you. A reset button as well as a vanity plate.

  2. Sounds stupid j.s