Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moulin Rouge Party at Steelhead

Last Friday February 10th at 7PM, the Steelhead region held a "Moulin Rouge" event. The dance took place in the Steelhead Shanghai sim. The building it was held in had a basic Asian design, like others in the sim. There were a couple neon designs had been set up near the entrance, but they weren't of dancing girls. They looked more like dragons.

Inside, Fuzzball Ortega, normally acting, as Sheriff, was spinning the tunes as the DJ. I happened to go in just as the signature song from the Moulin Rouge movie was playing, "Can! Can! Can! Can!" About a couple dozen residents were dancing away, as normal for Steelhead parties mostly in period costumes. Most of the dresses were a bit long to do a "can-can" pose in, which might have mildly disappointed a guy or two coming in. But no one was certainly acting disappointed, as the dancers, male and female, cheered the DJ and danced away.

One Mesh dress did appear like a purple box to incompatible viewers, which might have caused a few chuckles. Another lady, looking artificial, had strings attached to her coming down from up somewhere. And for online comic fans, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach was also there.

There was also a huge stuffed pachyderm nearby, but no one paid attention to the elephant in the room.

A number of things were talked about on the dance floor. This included the upcoming Relay for Life season, of which Fuzzball Ortega is the captain of Steelhead's team, the Steelhead Salmons. Later on, I heard Fuzzball would be heading a pre-season RFL meeting sometime in the near future, possibly next week on Sunday.

The Steelheads will be having another event this Friday. Drop in to see what this bunch of mad scientists are up to (someone has to keep an eye on them).

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. Actually, the RFL meeting was this past Sunday. However, drop by if you get the chance, I'll give you the details on the goal and the challenge, I'm afraid it's not on the same level as "The Hair", but it WILL bring a major change to my life....well, my Second Life.