Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personal Account: Finally Can See Mesh, But ...

Going about Second Life isn't always easy even for the best of computers. For my older computer, it's been getting a bit difficult lately. The good news, I'm finally able to see the mesh objects that have been the subject of so much discussion. The bad news, it seems I have a choice of two buggy viewers.

My personal account is in Extra.


  1. your problem is you want a mac. So just like folks who insist on a Cadillac, you're going to pay for it.

    A good computer for SL isn't hard to make, but it's not a mac. Macs USED to be worth the extra scratch for the better quality. But frankly seeing what Winddancer has been through with hers the past 4 years, nowdays a mac is no better than any other McComputer out there.

    This is an off-lease computer. Companies nowdays lease machines and give them up after a year or two, keeping their systems up to date. The leasing companies refresh them and then sell them cheap to Tigerdirect, who sells it cheap to us. 300$ gets you a dualcore AMD with an average video card that you can easily update to a better video card later if need be. And experience shows that what SL wants most is lots of ram and lots of clock speed.

    Not bad for something 1/3 the price of a mac.

  2. Five years ago was when Vista came out, and at least where I lived, you couldn't get a new PC without it. And it was simply buggy as Hades. Every day I would hear from a family member through email about the joys of being a "Gamma-tester." So when my PC fried after trying to upgrade it, well, it was "back to Mac."

    From what I heard, Vista eventually had most of the bugs worked out. So a PC replacement isn't out of the question.

  3. Besides that Windows 7 is the latest windows OS, not Vista ;0