Friday, February 10, 2012

Depression Support Group in Second Life

Most of us know someone who's feeling the blues. But what if it's more than just simple "down" feelings? What if the depressed feelings keep occurring? Where does one turn? There is one such group in Second Life people can turn to. Named the "Survivors of Suicide," the group offers to lend an ear and listen to what mental wellness problem you have of any kind, or if you need advice about someone else.

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  1. I fight my depression by building stuff, SL and RL.

  2. i have suffered from severe depression my whole life until about 3 years ago when i lost both legs above the knee due to a suicide attempt (i was bloody idiot). i said something or someone wants me here, alive to do still something, so, if i have to live i want to lie well, and that helped soooooooo much and sort of made the chemicals in my brain finally work correctly. today im totally free of depression, very well levelled out and a happy camper with a new rl bf who loves me dearly.
    if someone would love to talk to me dont hesitate to IM me and
    DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!! THERE IS A WAY OUT OF DEPRESSION FOR EVERYONE, im sure about that!!!!!!!!
    bless everyone!!!!!
    Karaoflochsley is my sl name