Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Scenes Across Second Life

Christmas  comes to the Grid, and a number of places have been winterized for the occasion. SL Newser has gone over a number, such as Areo Pines, but there are others.

Here's the house of Jasmine and I, winterized and decorated for the occasion. Jasmine took care of the details going all out. Even the plants have snow on them. And we didn't forget the Christmas trees.

HV Community and the Sunweaver sims have also been made to look more seasonal, though not everyone is completely happy, "You wouldn't like it either if you had to shovel the stuff in real life," a couple told me. But most were happy. The community store also began offering discounts for those wearing the HV Community tag.

"Games, snow, family friends, community,  Can't ask for more."

Other communities have gotten winter looks as well. Luskwood, Second Life's oldest community, has been no exception, with the branches, and some of the lesser used platforms covered with snow, in addition to a small shack at one end. As usual, you can always find someone at the Big Tree at odd hours. And yes, the tree was decorated with ornaments and a star on top, but panning out, my computer began getting "low memory" warnings.

And last but not least Raglan Shire. This active community of Tinies doesn't get quite the attention it deserves. Checking the place, the nearest stores I checked out had a freebie "Christmas Present" for everyone. There was also an Xmas tree and fire nearby, and not far away a skating rink. The community had a few people here and there, though I dropped by between events. There is an ice sculpture sculpture contest, as well as various "Wootmas" celebrations. These little guys at the Shire  just love the term 'woot,' in addition to having waffles at any excuse.

Across these and other places on the Grid, it's a great Christmas in Second Life.

Bixyl Shuftan

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