Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Fun at Holiday Village

By Gemma Cleanslate

The winter season is with us now and there are a myriad of activities at some marvelous places for us to enjoy. I have been exploring some of them and will be letting you know about the fun you can have. One of my very favorites is Christmas Winter Holiday Village. We spent many hours there last year taking rides in the horse carriage, the hot air balloon and most of all skating. Everything is in place this year and more. 

Air Santa is a special feather ride that takes you for a tour of the whole sim.  Up on the mountain by the air ride there are also free skis or a sled to ride back down to the village  There are some lovely ice skating places in SL, many of which I have visited but this site has an extensive pond that is interesting and delightful all the way around, passing under bridges, through caves and taking turns through the region. The trees surrounding the pond are lovely as you pass waterfalls not yet frozen.  You will find polar bears as you pass and a penguin island. Pick up the free skates that are available. Sit and just enjoy the view or roam the country side on foot. 

Santa is at the North Pole and Mrs Santa has a retreat all her own. Santa also has a Christmas Tree Farm with any type of Christmas tree you would like, small or large. He also has a reindeer barn full of reindeer for you. I remember he and Mrs. Claus made appearances all around the whole village last year so you may run into them when you visit. I did have a Mrs. Santa sighting. The children’s house is sweet, with children building a snowman outside.  

There are sweet shops that hold all kinds of holiday goodies from outfits to furniture.  If you are looking for Christmas decorations or outfits for skating and more stop into the Magic of Christmas shop where you will find anything you want. You will find Karra’s jukebox inside on the wall as a gift.  There is also a petites winter mall nearby. 

Mairead Fitzgerald, the owner, told me she and her helpers started preparing in June.  It is a complete winter setting that you will want to visit over and over again so keep the landmark when you get it. You can pick up a guide book from any of the gnomes you see holding a sign. In it you will find landmarks for many of the delightful venues around the region and directions to help you enjoy the  whole experience. I may run into you as you skate or ski, or shop LOL.

Gemma Cleanslate

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