Thursday, December 13, 2012

Press Release: Book Island Festive Tiny Dance

Join us for a Festive Dance to mark the year's close on Book Island. A dazzling line up of singers and DJ, all representing TINY TALENT!

2:00pm The incomparable Keeba Tamas will stun you with her vocals. You'll love her tiny band!

3:00pm Songbird Sorbet takes the stage to thrill you with her sweet voice and repertoire.

4:00pm We'll be giving out some fabulous door prizes for Best-Dressed Tiny & Best-Dressed Biggie and reading some Tiny MicroFiction, plus shooting off some Fireworks :-)

4:30 pm Commander Shakespeare Shamrock, hopefully arriving in his tiny Rescue Helicopter, to spin the discs!

5:30 pm Anyone left standing can dance the night away with Elmer Arton at the DJ station... with Fireworks!

Meet us at the Dance Floor :-)

– hosted by Arton Tripsa, Sandor Zabelin and Selina Greene

Book Island (222, 21, 21)

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