Thursday, December 27, 2012

Press Release: Fundraiser Avatar for Conneticut School Shooting Tragedy

Athene Forder of "Goddess Apparel" informed Second Life Newser of an item at her store being sold for charity, to help with those affected by the recent school shooting in Conneticut.

This year, we have a lovely Avatar for you!

Holly has skin, eyes, shoes, hair, jewelry and a fab dress!  Each designed by some of my friends, and very festive!

Last year, we donated proceeds to the Red Cross. This year, we are raising money for the Sandy Hook Community. Personally, I can not think of anything worse than having to bury my baby, except having to bury my baby and figure out to pay for it.

We can't change anything, but maybe we can make it just a bit easier for them. In addition, if you wish to donate more, please send a notecard to me (I am keeping track of the donations for the designer group) and pay me directly.

We already have a number of clubs and games who have graciously allowed for our vendor to be placed in their place of business.  We will be collecting until new Years, and hope to post how much we were able to donate shortly after that.

So please, bring your friends,  pick up your copy, have them pick up a copy. If you are a business/club owner, and wouldn't mind our vendor in your place, please let me or Dryad Falls know. If you have friends who are business/club owners who you think would like to be involved, have them contact me, because I have to admit, I would really like to make this a worthy donation.

A personal note from Dryad Fall:  "Personally, many of you know until recently, I was a kindergarten teacher in CT...i'm several miles from Sandy Hook, but I promise you, this has hit me, and all my teacher friends with all the force of a bullet train.  So I readily admit, this would mean a lot to me!"

Goddess Apparel Mainstore, Taupo (112, 200, 42)
Dryad Designs Apr 4/11, Wandering Spirits (32, 99, 21)

The vendors will be gone Jan 6

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