Thursday, December 20, 2012

Second Life Skating: Cold Comfort and Matahari

By Gemma Cleanslate

Another skating place I came across you will like is  Cold Comfort Base Camp in Jiminy. It is a frozen river where you will find a place to warm up around a fire and enjoy the Christmas Tree and scenery. This place is in the Snowlands area of the Sansara continent where it is always winter.
There is a nice lounge on the second floor of the building where you can sit and have a drink at the Mermaid Bar. Near the entrance you will find a horse and buggy that will take you for a nice ride down Amundsen Road and bring you back. There is also a balloon ride that takes you up the road in the opposite direction. A fun ride that gives you a great view of the snow covered mountains that range through several sims.  I know there is skiing up there. It is a nice way to view regions from above and make note if you would like to go back to visit again. Bring along a friend to talk to as it is a long ride!
Cold Comfort is definitely worth a visit. at Jiminy (7, 47, 108). Take a trip over to the Matahari skating rink. There is an upper level tiny rink and also a lower level large rink where you will find some more free skates one box of which is called Vintage ice skates with animations that are very cute. They are created by Poppet McGimsie as an introduction to SL skating. 

You can ride a winter carousel or try a sleigh on the ice. Ladies can pick up a very cute skating costume at the entrance to the Matahari Skate. For those who are really into ice skating, you have a change to get so many lovely outfits and skates and AO’s that I like very much.
This rink is in Toussaint where Tanya Matahari has  “Matahari Leisure Complex at Toussaint - a great place to hang out - lots to do!  Elite Sounds of Jazz dance club, Secret Grotto, beach, woodland swimming lagoon, balloon and helicopter rides, chairlift to Ice Rink Matahari - all year round winter in the sky!”
As you see you can find fun here so don't miss it.
Gemma Cleanslate

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