Monday, December 31, 2012

Some Events This New Year's Eve

Time was in Second Life, you had the choice of going to a Linden-organized ball-drop if you didn't know of any community/club events. The times for the former are gone, but there are still a number of local events.

Today at 8AM SL time, Tribute City starts its eight hour New Year's Eve Party.

-10am to 12pm slt - DJ Jami & Host Rinka
-12pm to 2pm slt - DJ Anakin & Host AJ
-2pm to 4pm slt - DJ Cath & Host Amber
-4pm to 6pm slt - DJ Jessi

1500 Lindens are on the contest board every 2 hours, come as you are. "Free New Year's party favors and a loaded raffle board."

WW2 Tribute (130, 127, 29)

For info & inquiries, contact Jessii2009 Warrhol, Co-Owner of Tribute City

At 12 Noon, the Queen of Hearts has it's New Year's Eve party. 250 Lindens are on the prize board for the best in theme. DJ Mantia will be playing the music from Noon to 2PM SL time.

Mystery (79, 89, 23)

And at 6PM when things are closing in Tribute City, the party's just getting started at Little Dove. The high-flying steampunk zeppelin club holds it's New Year's Eve bash, with DJ Cynthia Farshore taking the helm, "I will be spinning the tunes till at least midnight SLT. That’s right a whooping 6 hours all for you. For the contest it’s not the same old baby or party clothes or …no this time we honor Father. As in The Best of Father Time or Mother if you’re fem. Come as the best haggard bent over old geezer you can dream up. Think back over the year and picture what he will feel like. The prize will be set at L$500 but it may actually go higher."

Southern Colorado ( 110, 35, 105)

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