Monday, December 17, 2012

Misty Acres

When I landed at Misty Acres I expected to skate, explore a bit and leave. I ended up staying an hour and a half and plan to go back with friends. At  Misty Acres follow the This way To the North Pole sign where Tindallia Soothsayer has made a winter wonderland. You will find a lovely pond for skating and there will be more free skates there in case you are collecting the various versions. 

Santa is skating on this pond and waving to you as you glide around. If you are a fisher you can ice hole fish as you skate or have some hot chocolate and cookies. Tindallia  has even provided roasted chestnuts for you.There is an elf running an ice blower constantly to keep the pond clear for skating. Watch out when you come to the bridges jump to avoid bumping your head! Be sure to climb the hill to the amusement park and sit on Santa’s lap and tell him your wishes! Pick up a free hat and gift before you leave. 

If you feel like getting lost there is a tricky winter maze to get into. Look for the giant toy soldiers and you are there. This refreshing sim has a lot to offer. It is a full amusement park with many rides: underground and above train ride,  bumper cars, slides, arcade,  wild roller coaster and a theater where you can watch ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians’  and lots more.  

The region changes with the seasons so keep an eye on it. You can grab a guidebook near the roller coaster with more information.

Gemma Cleanslate 

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