Friday, August 22, 2014

Latest Firestorm Viewer Release

Earlier this week, The Firestorm blog announced the release of their latest viewer:

We arrive once again at that time to update your version of the ever popular Firestorm Viewer.  Most notably this version brings Firestorm up to LL’s version 3.7.8 with Project Interesting. With which you will undoubtedly find world rendering to be much faster when logging into SL or teleporting around. This version also comes with a lot of bug fixes and a few cool new things.

A full summary of the new viewers changes can be found here: (link) Inara Pey also has written about the new viewer (here). Team Firestorm only continues to support three viewers, the newest one and the two most recent ones. The others are blocked from working.

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  1. On Facebook I've been hearing about a few people having problems with the new viewer. They then went back to the previous Firestorm viewer, or switched to another one entirely, such as Singularity or Cool VL