Friday, January 9, 2015

Gacha Market and The Arcade

How many of you have heard of "Gacha?" Until recently, Wesley Regenbogen hadn't. Once he found out about this catchy method of shopping, he took a look at two gacha locations. One is The Arcade, which has been around in Second Life for a while and better known to gacha shoppers. The other is Gacha Market, which is a combination store and residential area.

Read Wesley's article in Design.

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  1. I despise the Gotcha trend. It is a cheap cheat. When it first came out I tried it a few times and was increasingly frustrated at filling my inventory with things I didn't want while trying to get the one thing I did want. As a creator, I strive to give my customers the widest choice at a fair price. Gotchas don't do this. The trend for creators to fill their store with gotcha machines in an attempt to drive up their sales is deplorable. The fact that Gotchas can be fun for collectors is completely overwhelmed by the creators who use it to compel customers to play them over and over. They are nothing more than slot machines. They are legalized gambling.