Monday, January 12, 2015

Horror and Hope

A few days ago, innocent lives were cut short. There was an attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine building in which several people were killed. Police officers, writers, cartoonists...It's hard to wrap my head around. When I heard the attack, I couldn't quite believe it. It seemed so far away, involving people that I didn't know. Sure, it was tragic, but...well, I just couldn't quite understand. I didn't have the capability of doing so. It wasn't until today, at the time of this writing, that I was able to grasp what was going on.

People died. Good people, innocent people died.

Our editor took me to the Paris sim to see the memorial and ... well, seeing all these people, reading the prayers, the support from all over the world. It finally sunk in.

All over, as you read this, there are rallies being held in support of the families that have lost loved ones in this horrifying event. Millions are out in the streets, show us all that these acts of violence will not cull us. We will not be cowed. We will stand strong.

Even here, on the grid, people are standing united in support of Charlie Hebdo, of France. Even in this slower time of day, dozens still mourn the people killed, all with the same phrase, a phrase indicating our unity....Je Suis Charlie.

Locke Esgal

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