Friday, January 23, 2015

SL Video: "A Difference of Perception"

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Kaya Angel, the "big brother" Kylie Sabra mentioned in her interview earlier this month, has produced a video that's been turning a few heads. In response to some of the simplistic videos done of Second Life, he made one that took advantage of a computer able to process the scenery at it's finest and most beautiful.

"What is your perception of Second Life? ... Allow me to share my perception. It's a place to explore and create, to build your dreams and share them. and to explore who you really are when boundaries are removed. Welcome to the dream I created: Angel Manor Estates."

In the video's comments, there were many words of praise: "It's stunningly beautiful work, and a wonderful way to showcase what SL can be." "WOW! Fantastic!!!! Just beautiful." But there were a handful of critics. Hamlet Au commented that those few criticisms suggest that some gamers have pretty much written off Second Life and will not be impressed no matter what new videos or developments come, While some might see the criticisms as a reason for Linden Lab to pin it's hopes on SL 2.0, it seems most users of Second Life, prefer to see the video as an example of what the virtual experience can be.

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  1. Approximately 30% of right hand side cannot be seen (in Chrome at least)....also meaning that the 'enlarge' option cannot be clicked on...just letting you know. Nice video!