Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Press Release: "Grand Galloping Gala" in Ponyvale

Official dates for the Gala! We have the Gala Fashion Show 23rd of January at 5PM SL time.

ANTHRO PONIES AND QUAD PONIES are the only ones allowed to enter. All outfits must contain a torso piece a flank piece and shoes. for the fashion show. If you custom make your outfit from scratch you WILL have an opportunity to sell it at the gala dance for a special price and show off your work! For the actual dance it is formal, all colt should wear something formal and unique or military type outfits. all Females must wear something fancy, again all pieces must be there. For the fashion show there are 1st-3rd prizes for both males and females!

Sign ups to enter the fashion show END on the 20th.  The following is the link to get to the spawn area to sign up!


Ponyvale (97, 59, 2513)

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