Sunday, January 11, 2015

Netera's Coffee Shop Re-Opens

It was a week ago that Netera's Coffee Shop, after being closed for months, officially reopened. On January 4 at 3PM, Netera Lander interviewed musician AM Quar (Andre Massicotte in real life) in front of a live audience. Andre could sing in English, Spanish, and French, and had done 300 songs, with 2 CDs under his real-life name. Netera thought musicians like him were something that needed to be promoted, "Music today is so repetitious ... we need to get back to that." Of Andre's performances, one member of the audience commented, "Were else can you ladies go to hear a french speaking guy sing to you in Spanish?"

The Coffee Shop is at Snug Harbor (112, 110, 22). Events are not on a truly fixed schedule, but are either on Saturday or Sunday sometime in mid-afternoon

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