Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Simon Linden Bear Hunt

Last week I wrote about a skiing place in Wengen. Something caught my eye when I was near the summit. I was looking around to make sure I did not miss any options for the skiiing when a tiny object sticking out of the snow caught my eye. Being a nosy reporter I cammed in on it and clicked.
“Hi - Do you want a Simon Linden bear? You'll need to say all four of the magic words you picked up on the trip. If this makes no sense, chat 'help' and you'll find out.”
 Wow I thought , you don’t see Linden bears like you used to years ago. They are hard to come by. “
"I didn't get the magic words.   Did you type them in chat?   Touch me to try again.”
I was too far away so moved closer and tried the word help again. 
”Glad you made it here, Gemma Cleanslate.  I hope you enjoyed the view. Here is some more information.” And I was handed a notecard.
“Do you want a Simon Linden Bear. These are no longer just given away to everyone who comes along ... you have to go on a treasure hunt to find one. To get a  bear, first go to the .... and look for a bear.   Click on him and he will tell you what to do next.  You'll have to answer a few simple questions. On the way, you'll get several notecards with instructions and 'magic words' that are needed for the next step.   Keep these - if you get stuck, go back and read them carefully.You will also need all of the magic words at the end to receive your bear. Good luck! - Simon Linden  P.S.   If you get totally stuck, or there's something not working right on the quest, please send me an IM“
 This point where I was standing in the middle of nowhere at the top of the ski lift was END of a quest. Swell, now I had to find the beginning . I was directed to Simon Linden’s office in Linden village as the place to get the first clue and here is the address .
I am not going to reveal anymore ... it is a hunt .. so I will leave you here in Denby at the office if you want to go follow the clues and get your bear. I got mine!

Now I want to find out if any other lindens are having quests for their bears. I will let you know. Maybe this is not new but it is new to me and maybe to you . 
Gemma Cleanslate

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