Thursday, January 1, 2015

SL Video: "The Drax Files: World Makers - Episode 25: Oblee"

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From Draxtor Despress, "'I do not see a conflict between the virtual and the natural world!' says Indie Musician Oblee. He lives - with wife, chickens and a brandnew puppy - on a remote 7 acre piece of land in Durango Colorado, but through virtual reality he can connect to a global audience: 'I can do a world tour in one day', he says about his gigs in Second Life, where he plays solo shows as well as collaborative 'multi-streams' with fellow musicians from all over the world: 'I can feed my chickens during the day and play concerts at night.' "

"Oblee owns only one synthesizer alongside an eclectic assortment of acoustic instruments: 'I am actually bringing a bit of the real world into virtual reality!' And so Oblee's debut album 'Wow Bob Wow' - produced in the physical realm but financed entirely through the virtual currency Linden Dollar [Oblee's Second Life earnings from club and gallery owners who book him to play their venues] - is a perfect example of the synergetic effect of being engaged in both worlds.

" 'This is what I tell fellow musicians who do not understand VR or SL: that money is to be made here! When I mention that, they are interested all of a sudden. I mean, these are people, when you dangle a dollar bill in front of them, they will play Rolling Stones cover songs for an hour easily... '

"The success Oblee has in Second Life has boosted his self-confidence to keep pursuing a music career outside of the digital realm as well: 'When you can do something in virtual reality, who is going to stop you from doing it in REAL reality?' And to that, there is nothing more to add. Not in this world, or any other….."

Locations shown in this video: After Dark, Legion, Templemore, Firefly, Bwomp, Bay City, The Pen, Cica Ghost, Tart Gallery, Nipponbashi Club, Pinoy Hideout, The Vortex

Special thanks to Marianne McCann for wrangling extra actors on the ground and building beautiful sets. Thanks also to Pupito from Engrama for playing such forceful drums during a Eurythmics cover.....

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