Saturday, June 8, 2019

"Five Days of Relay" Ends, Relay Weekend Today

Friday June 7 was the last day of the "Five Days of Relay," the event when many motorcross groups raising money for the Relay for Life had an event in the southern sims of the Relay track. And on the final night, many of the bikers took their cycles on the road.

There were bikes of a number of varieties. One looked like the rider was ready for snow on the road, or at least Away-From-Keyboard pedestrians.

Besides glitches such as sim crossings seemingly sending bikes way up in the air, some parts of the track weren't exactly ideal for motorbikes.

With the Relay sims open, one could also walk around and enjoy the sights, as well as take part in the activities they offer, such as this one in RFL Care.

And so, it's all led down to this. The Relay Weekend, the most intense 24 hour event of Second Life. Be sure to be there tomorrow at 10AM, that is if your computers can handle it. For those trying walk laps around the track, use the following link to keep track: For those wanting to explore the camps and enjoy the activities without lag, the sims should be up for a few more days after the weekend.

Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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