Friday, June 7, 2019

Relay Sims Open

Some good news from the Relay for Life. All of the sims on the Relay Weekend Track, not just those for the Five Days of Relay, as well as the American Cancer Society sim, are now open to visitors. There are a lot of great builds, so all are encouraged to see them while they're up. The builds will remain up for a few days next week after the weekend.

Many teams have campsites on the Relay track this year. This includes the Sunbeamers. The camp has a train station, as well as a train track that takes one to various displays of information on medical knowledge of cancer though history, an airport, a memorial garden, a prayer tower, a relaxation campsite, and more.

The relaxation campsite is a favorite part as a group of people can just sit by the campfire and chill, with or without a cold drink by the cooler. RFL Strength (138/195/23)

Remember, the Relay Weekend 24 hour event starts at 10AM SL time tomorrow. For those waning to come early, the Relay Rap is at 7AM. Word has it there will be a special guest.

Go Relay!

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