Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Second Life Sixteenth Birthday Tomorrow

With the Second Life Birthday coming up tomorrow, Linden Lab is doing a few things to get ready. Somewhere on their website, they've posted a page of events and things to do (

The links on the site reveal some schedules. One is the Music Faire on Friday July 21 and Saturday July 22

10:00 AM     Parker Static
11:00 AM     rч αnnє
12:00 PM     Tempio Breil
  1:00 PM     Gabriel da Silva
  2:00 PM     Alazarin Mobius
  3:00 PM     Evely Lane
  4:00 PM     Zak Claxton

10:00 AM     Dreama Summerwind
11:00 AM     Mimi Carpenter
12:00 PM     Grif Bamaisin
  1:00 PM     Donn DeVore
  2:00 PM     Skye Galaxy
  3:00 PM     Effinjay
  4:00 PM     Quartz

The stage for the Music Faire is at SL16B Magnificent (197/201/23)

At the Auditorium next week are the "Meet the Lindens" events.

Monday June 24, 2PM SLT: Patch Linden

Tuesday June 25, 2PM SLT: Oz and April Linden

Wednesday June 26, 2PM SLT: Ebbe Linden

Thursday June 27, 2PM SLT: Xiola and Strawberry Linden

These events will be at SL16B Dazzle (7/202/23)

 Also mentioned is the Destinations Guide page to various exhibits at the SL16B, or "Community Experiences" as it's called. Also mentioned is the Swaginator hunt.

Stay tuned for further details.

Addition: The SL16B grounds will be fully open to the public at 10AM tomorrow.

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