Sunday, June 30, 2019

Scenes From The SL16B

Late Saturday night, or was it early Sunday morning, DJ Grease was playing to the crowd at the Spin Masters stage at SL16B Beguile (123/5/30). There's been a lot of music, but according to the calendar of events, Sunday will be the last full day for music events. After today, the next events on the schedule are two on Friday, notably a five hour "thank you" party.

But the exhibits should still be up until July 8. And there are plenty to see such as the "Fantasy Faire Litfest/50's Mashup - A Troll in Narnia." This exhibit is a tribute to fantasy stories written and published in the 1950s, such as "The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe," which was published in October 1950. It would be followed by six more books, making up "The Chronicles of Narnia."

The Fairelands are vast, with so much to see! Venture forth with confidence along with the Faire Folk, as they ride out from the LitFest home base daily, exploring a new region each day. Don’t forget to add pencils and paper to your travel bag, as you may feel the urge to write a story for our Tours and Regions Writing Challenge.

A detailed Literary Festival Calendar of Events at the Fantasy Faire website will help you plan your visits and choose your activities. And you can keep the spirit of the Faire alive, even when you have returned home. Fantasy Faire Radio provides you with music, news and other Fantasy Faire information, wherever you are.

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  1. I've only visited the shopping sim, which was like going to the mall on Saturday night (do people still do that?) I want to go back soon to see exhibits.