Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Four Relay Camps

Today and tomorrow, Tuesday June 11 and Wednesday June 12, are the last days the sims of the Relay Track will remain up. So be sure to check the sights. There were four that caught my attention.

RFL Celebrate has a designer build by Archer Mactavish. This "Alice in Wonderland" style adventure will have you going down the rabbit hole, coming across some information about cancer, and more.


In RFL Courage is the Relay for Life Museum. Here, you can find reminders of glories of Relays past.


In RFL Journey, there's an amusement park with activities designed and made by Nancy Clowes. This includes a "Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots"-inspired game. You can get a copy on sale for 300L with the cash going to the Relay.


For fans of the recently concluded "Game of Thrones" fantasy drama on TV, there's a camp by "Game of Thrones Cooperative Reborn." This adventure has a quest one can go on.


These are just four of the places in the Relay sims. So by all means don't limit your viewing to them, as there are many more worth taking the time to explore.

Go Relay!

Addition:  The "Flood Party" will be sometime tomorrow or Thursday. After that, there will be a few more team events, such as the Royal Ascot horse race by Team ACTS. The Relay Season ends Sunday June 23 with the Relay Wrap-Up at 10 AM.

Bixyl Shuftan

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