Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Invisiprim Scammer Trick Story Going Around

In real life, many of us check ATM machines for "skimmers" before using them. To those of you who don't know, these are false fronts attached over an ATM's card slot by hackers, which scan the cards as they're going in and read account and PIN numbers. With this in mind, it was probably inevitable someone would find a way to scam Second Life shoppers. Yesterday, this was posted in one group I'm in, and saw something similar in the Second Life Friends Facebook group.

I have read in some groups that scammers are now going to events and stores. They place large invisible prims over the vendors, so when you pay the vendor for an item you want to purchase, you are actually paying money to the scammer and you will not receive the item you payed for. ALWAYS check and double check that you are paying the correct person.

One trick would be to 'Highlight Transparent' to see if there is anything transparent over the vendor. If you use Firestorm, go to the 'Advanced' menu ---> Highlighting and Visibility ---> Highlight Transparent (or 'Ctrl + Alt + T' on your keyboard). If you see a red semi-transparent prim hanging over the vendor you might want to cam in behind it to the actual vendor or not buy it until the prim has been removed.

You may also want to alert the real vendor.

So if anything seems amiss with the vendors while shopping, check them over.

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