Monday, January 27, 2020

Xiola Linden's Farewell Address

Xiola Linden left Linden Lab on January 3. But not without some final words. In New World Notes, Hamlet Au wrote about asking her if she had any "last message" for the residents of Second Life. Xiola stated the following:

Be open to change, but never stop questioning it. Constructive criticism is always going to be received more enthusiastically than attacks. It is very easy to get emotional about something that means so much to us. I know, from my own experiences with Second Life, that it's sometimes difficult to keep calm and Second Life on -- but I also witnessed that sort of emotional response grow into a lot of misinformation and unnecessary panic. So, it's a balance. But it is important and key, I think.

We live in a world where it can be difficult to not get jaded and overwhelmed, but Second Life is a world that we can control, and I have always felt very strongly about the positives of how it impacts people. How it impacts me. That is what makes it so strong. It should be the playground and sandbox that it is so great at being. A place where we can feel welcome and empowered. 

So, my suggestion is that everyone try to be more welcoming, and also empower one another. I know that may sound idealistic, but it's a very simple concept when you think about it. That is what builds an incredible community. That is the principle that I always strive to bring to my work with any community, and one I think that everyone can benefit from practicing from time to time. 

Xiola reminded that she wouldn't be really gone, but still had her standard account and will be coming back, "Sometimes it might be just 5 to 15 minutes, others it will be for an hour or more for things like live music or just hanging out ... I'd like to get back into making stuff if I can find the time because I love clothes in SL so much, but sometimes have a hard time finding my style. I like to change outfits right before I log off, so it's like a surprise when I log in next, because I forget what I changed into."

So if your place in Second Life welcomes residents from all around, one of them someday soon just might be Xiola.

The picture was one of two Xiola sent to Hamlet, "The cheese one is closest to my heart because it's cheesy."

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  1. Da Fashionista Linden will be missed !!! Much love and thank you Xiola - (sobs - I never got to throw you in jail)