Thursday, October 8, 2020

The Gacha Guild Is On

  The Gacha Guild, a bi-annual event, is once again taking place.  Twice a year, this shopping event takes place high above the Dew Drop sim. Numerous merchants have goods for sale as gachas. For those who don't know what a gacha is, the vendors have a number of versions of the item. Most are "common," but there are also a few "uncommon" and "rare." Often, they're packaged as vouchers, which can be traded between residents, or put up for sale on Marketplace where rares can fetch high prices.

There are avatars, avatar mods, and accessories up for sale. Among them is the Feral Crux by Caboodle, a four-footed version of the odd avatar with a following among some Second Life furs. Just add the voucher, click where it says "buy now," and unpack. The avatar can sit and dance, has a few different facial expressions, and the tail has a couple positions. 

The theme for this Gacha Guild is that of a haunted Carnival. About in the middle of the month, on October 16, the "Halftime Hunt" will begin with more items available. For more information, check out the blog: .

 Bixyl Shuftan

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