Monday, October 26, 2020

EOTB: "Second Life Destinations - Raglan Shire Shocktober 2020"

While many Halloween happenings go into blood n' guts horror, others prefer something more on the playfully spooky side. Among the latter is the "Shocktober" event by Raglan Shire, which was recently featured in Second Life Destinations.

 We have a bonus Second Life Destinations video for you this week: let’s take a look at Raglan Shire, a community of tinies in the midst of month long Halloween festivities. No need to worry if you are what they refer to as a “biggie,” as they are welcoming to all.

 As their land info states: “The original community of fun for folks of all sizes. Many different locales, events & activities for anyone seeking friendship & adventure! Whether you're dinkie, tiny sized or any size or shape, come visit & enjoy!”

Every October Raglan Shire celebrates “Shocktober” to celebrate the spooky season, but their revelry is defined not so much by blood and gore as by whimsical creativity.

Attractions include a brand new interactive Haunted House for 2020, where you can choose the level of exposure to Halloween madness: the options are cute or creepy. The Raglan Shire Ride of Horrors is back, and filled with custom rooms created by the community. Hop into that snake cart to cruise through tons of spaces brimming with unbridled creativity. Not to mention the Haunted Wooden Roller Coaster of DOOM is faster than ever before.

Musical performances and many other themed activities round out the celebration of a month that puts creative expression first, in the world of biggies and tinies alike.

For more information, check out Shocktober's entry in the Destination Guide. And of course to check things out for yourself, head to Raglan Shire's Shocktober yourself at Heron Shire (128/135/3728)

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