Monday, October 12, 2020

CDS Announcment: CDS Election Dates, Autumn 2020


The CDS is not only a beautiful place to live but also a community of interesting people who determine how the CDS is run. We elect representatives to manage the day to day, month to month work that makes the CDS wonderful.

The citizens who run for office are our CDS friends and neighbors.  Maybe you will decide to be one of them.

A government term of office for the 5 members of the Representative Assembly (RA) and for the Chancellor is 6 months, so 2 terms a year. December 1 through May 31, and June 1 through November 30 each year.

This election starting now is the 34th term for which the CDS community will be electing representatives. Here are the relevant dates.  Watch notices for more information about our election process.

October 9: qualification deadline to run for office
    --To be a candidate for CDS office, you must be a citizen in good standing, that is you must own at least one CDS parcel in your own name and you must be current in payment of your tier.. ... hment-act/

October  16: qualification deadline for right to vote

October 21: announcement of the Call for Candidates

November 3:deadline for Candidate declarations to run for office

November 4: SC Dean posts list of Candidates

November 7: Candidates start campaigning

November 8: moderated Candidate debates

November 14: polls open

November 20: polls close

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