Friday, October 2, 2020

Announcement: This Saturday at The Science Circle - "The Scientific Method"

"The Scientific Method"

Saturday October 3
10 - 11 AM SL time

A short history of the Scientific Method

by Robert A. Hendrix, MD

The scientific method has roots in natural proclivities of humanoid species: the human drive to explore, observe, and occasionally, experiment. With emergence of verbal language, the experience of the individual could be shared and remembered, and sometimes drawn, thereby becoming part of the collective memory, technology and culture of human society.

In this presentation, we will consider the historic timeline of the scientific method leading to formalization by Sir Francis Bacon as an approach for gaining knowledge about the natural world. Along with a short biography of Bacon, we will look at “best practices” as well as the sometimes ethical and humanitarian failings of scientists. Overall, the culture and methods of science have given rise to exponential progress and growth in human knowledge.

In the latter half of the hour, we will ask members of the audience to offer ideas as to how experiments can yield erroneous results as a lead-in to discussion of errors commonly made in experimental design and method.

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