Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Pink Power Rodeo, And The "Haunted Wild West And Saloon Ride"


 The Pink Power Rodeo is going on. This "Making Strides For Breast Cancer" event is taking place in a temporary area north of the American Cancer Society sim: Pink Power Hope and Pink Power Country. 

There's much to do here. There are music events. There are cowboy-themed competitions such as a bull-riding contest. People outside the contest can also ride the bull, though there's no record of who rode it the longest. There's a stable for getting horses to ride around. And there's a track around the two sims for people to walk laps around.

One interesting thing I saw was in the town in the northwest corner of Pink Power Country. Brian Topp and theme park ride designer Nance Clowes had made a "Haunted Wild West and Saloon Ride" for the Rodeo. The carts for the ride look like small covered wagons. When someone rezzes one and boards it, he or she is greeted by a ghostly bartender, telling them that while some of the ghosts in the saloon are just there to relax, others have "a bone to pick with the livin'." And so the ride goes through a number of spooky encounters, some amusing, some more on the scary side.

The last day of the Pink Power Rodeo is today, Sunday October 25. The Saloon Ride, and other attractions, may be up a day or two longer, but no guarantee.

For more information on the Pink Power Rodeo: Click Here.  To go straight to the list of music events, Click Here.

Bixyl Shuftan


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