Monday, October 5, 2020

News In Brief

A lot has been going on, and only a little time to write about it. So it's time to write a little about what's going on, and do something more in depth later.

The Second Life Renaissance Festival concluded on Sunday October 4. Just before it ended were two Linden events. On Thursday October 1 was the Linden and Mole jousting event, in which Abnor Mole won, followed by some sparing between the Lindens and Moles and some residents. On Friday October 2 was the Lindens in the Pillory, which was a "jail and bail" with a twist.

In the Sunweaver/Angel community, the Happy Vixen opened it's new Halloween Haunt area: Purrfection Estates (236, 219, 24)   

World Space Week is this week, and the National Space Society has something at their sim for it: National Space Society (104/165/3004)

Nydia Tungsten announced the publishing of her second novel on Amazon: "Switched Destinies - Kevin's Return," holding a party inworld to celebrate.

The Gacha Guild event is going on. To check it out, head over to Dew Drop (162/168/1128).

Furry Fashion has a Halloween area, "filled with merchants spooky wares, a maze and a hunt!" Read more about it here: (link).

Stay tuned for more information on these, and other happenings, later.

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