Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Tiny Carolers At Club Amarantha


On Sunday December 19, Club Amarantha had some visitors of small stature. Raglan Shire's tiny carolers had come over to sing. Yours truly got in a bit late, but caught the tail end of the performance, as only the tinies of Raglan can do one.

~*~ You Better Watch Out, ~*~
~*~ You Better Not Cry,~*~
~*~ You Better Not Pout, I'm Telling You Why, ~*~
~*~ Santa PAWS Is Coming To Town,~*~

~*~ He's Making A List, And Checking It Twice ~*
~*~ Gonna find out Who's naughty and nice,~*~
~*~ Santa PAWS Is Coming To Town,~*~

~*~ He Sees When You Eat WAFFLES, ~*~
~*~ He Knows When You Eat CAKE,~*~
~*~ He Knows If You've Been Bad Or Good,~*~
~*~ So Be Good For Goodness Sake! ~*~

~*~ You Better Watch Out,~*~
~*~ You Better Not Cry, ~*~
~*~ You Better Not Pout, I'm Telling You Why, ~*~
~*~ Santa PAWS Is Coming, ~*~
~*~ Santa PAWS Is Coming,~*~
~*~ Santa PAWS is Coming To Towwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn, ~*~ SANTA PAWS IS COMING TO TOWN! ~*~

~*~And so this is Wootmas~*~
~*~And what have you done?~*~
~*~ Another year over~*~
~*~And a new one just begun~*~ 

~*~And so this is Wootmas~*~
~*~I hope you have fun~*~
~*~The near and the dear ones~*~
~*~The old and the young~*~ 

~*~A very merry Wootmas~*~
~*~And a happy new year~*~
~*~Let's hope it's a good one~*~
~*~Without any fear~*~ *

~*~Happy Wootmas everyone~*~

And at the end, they started shaking up the stage with their "tiny riverdance," the place starting to sound like it was being tromped on by much larger critters, "Shake the sim!" Violet Solano would comment, "Good thing I build solid."

It was a fun event by performers small in height, but big in heart.

Bixyl Shuftan

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